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Traditional Handicraft: Reviving the Ancient

European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 - Europäisches Kulturerbejahr 2018

Traditional Handicraft: Reviving the Ancient

06. Dezember 2018, 13:30 - 18:30 Uhr

Veranstaltungsort: Palmenhaus

Veranstalter: Federal Chancellery of Austria & European Commission

Building restoration – a chance to understand and participate

Cultural heritage surrounds us daily, also in the form of impressive buildings and notable architecture. To preserve and care for this heritage, use is made of traditional craftsmanship techniques that are as old as the monuments they help to maintain. The Federal Monuments Authority Austria (BDA) conducts research into historical techniques and modern approaches on maintenance at the former Carthusian monastery in Mauerbach, Lower Austria. The European Heritage Academy wants to increase people’s appreciation for traditional handcraft and teach them competencies that are needed for the maintenance of historical monuments.

Therefore, at this station, we are introduced to the art of monument restoration. We have a chance to tap building bricks into place, wall up lime mortar or apply linseed oil ourselves and to see first-hand what it means to preserve cultural heritage.

This station is part of the “Green Route” and is presented in English.

Palmenhaus, 1., Burgring 1

Station "Traditional Handicraft: Reviving the Ancient"
Project: Traditional Skills FACE TO FACE
Federal Monuments Authority Austria (BDA) Center for Information and Training in the carusian monestary Mauerbach
The European Heritage Academy (follow-up of the Erasmus+-funded project MODI-FY, 2017)
Participating countries: AT, Europe