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European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018

The European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018

European Year of Cultural Heritage - EYCH

The European Union has declared the year 2018 the European Year of Cultural Heritage. The European Year of Cultural Heritage (EYCH) wants to emphasize the importance of our common cultural heritage.

Though the different countries and regions of Europe are very varied, at the same time they are interconnected - through a common European history, common values and a shared cultural legacy.

Today's actions create tomorrow's cultural heritage

Anyone who thinks of old buildings as cultural heritage does not think far enough. Bear in mind that cultural heritage is just as diverse, colorful and variable as Europe itself. It consists of a variety of forms and aspects: monuments, sites, landscapes, craftsmanship, dances, songs, culinary traditions, spiritual rites, customs, film heritage and many other forms of human creativity. The collections preserved and maintained in museums, libraries and archives are also part of the cultural heritage. The primary focus here is not only preserving and retaining the old, but also always looking at something new, because what we are doing today will be the cultural heritage of tomorrow.

The EYCH 2018 deals with numerous current topics related to cultural heritage. Challenges such as pollution, illicit trafficking of cultural goods and financial issues should be addressed as should barriers of access to cultural heritage. Topics like digitization, innovative research and development, education, cultural and creative industries, nature conservation or regional and rural development are closely related. Last but not least, cultural heritage is also a major economic factor. According to a Eurobarometer survey of December 2017 particularly the tourism sector benefits significantly from cultural heritage, and thus is invited to work with innovative, sustainable concepts.

Cultural heritage is created by all of us

On the one hand this multifaceted analysis of cultural heritage is the result of the work of experts from politics and civil society. On the other hand, it goes far beyond that. Cultural heritage is created by all of us and it affects all of us. Therefore, we should all have access to cultural heritage. The EYCH hence wants to reach as many people as possible from all areas of society. With its participatory and integrative approach the EYCH also explicitly addresses children and adolescents.

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How can I participate?

All citizens are invited to experience and participate in our common cultural heritage. We ask all public and private bearers, preservers and mediators of cultural heritage to become an active part of the Year. The EYCH offers numerous possibilities for participation throughout Europe. In Austria the website is compiling projects that put cultural heritage into a broader social context. Big and small, national, international as well as regional projects addressing one or more aspects of EYCH are welcome. Exhibitions, festivals, educational projects, conferences, cultural events, training courses, digital projects and much more are waiting for you.

Find out about existing projects, take a look at our event calendar and visit an event near you!

Are you organizing an EYCH event yourself?

Would you like to have greater international visibility and would you like to have your project labelled with the official EYCH label? Projects, initiatives and activities in and from Austria, which take place in 2018 and are related to the topics of cultural heritage and fulfill at least one of the objectives of the European Year of Cultural Heritage can simply apply for the label on our website. How this works, is explained in a nutshell on our info sheet (German only). Further information can be found in our download area.

Join us, participate in the European Year of Cultural Heritage and make your project an EYCH project! Just sign up to submit your project quickly and easily online:


What happens in Europe?

Thousands of events and celebrations are planned throughout Europe. In addition to projects and initiatives in EU Member States, cities and regions, also cross-border projects funded by the EU are implemented. 39 European countries are passionate about their shared cultural heritage - let the excitement inspire you and find out what's happening in Europe!

The EU is providing 8 million Euros solely for the EYCH. Find out about programmes and public calls at EU level that promote EYCH projects.

Visual: Map of Europe

EYCH priorities

The European Year of Cultural Heritage concentrates on four major themes: engagement, sustainability, protection and innovation. Based on these four priorities, the European Commission, in cooperation with the Council of Europe, UNESCO and other partners, is developing long-term projects on ten topics (ten European initiatives):

Would you like to find out how these priorities are implemented in Austria? Use the search function by priorities ("Suche nach Schwerpunkten") and find national projects in your area of interest in our project database.

Implementation in Austria

National EYCH Coordinators have been appointed to implement the Heritage Year in each country. Austria's coordinator is Anna Steiner (Federal Chancellery). For the implementation in Austria, an inter-ministerial working group has been set up in the Federal Chancellery, comprised of representatives of various federal ministries as well as of the federal states, the Federal Monuments Authority, civil society, etc.

As part of our EU Presidency Austria will host the final conference of the European Year of Cultural Heritage entitled #EuropeforCulture on 6-7 December 2018 in Vienna.

Information material for the implementation of the European Year of Cultural Heritage in Austria can be found in our download area:

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Closing Conference

Closing Conference of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, hosted by the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union:

#Europeforculture, December 6th-7th in Vienna, Austria.

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